Featured parts for DE/Sega/Stern pinball games

045-5009-099 pin female connector$1.00
077-5007-00Socket, wedge base$1.00
077-5206-00Socket, pop bumper lamp$1.00
090-5004-OTCoil 27-1500 Diode on top$17.00
090-5020-30SS flip coil 23-900$10.00
090-5030-OTFlip coil AE 23-1100 Orange$32.00
090-5032-OTCoil AE 22-1080 Flip Y-G Top$15.00
090-5041-00Coil 25-1800 Flipper B-G CRY$15.00
165-5004-00#906 bulb$0.50
165-5004-02Red #906 bulb$1.00
165-5052-00LED (replaces 165-5100-00)$3.50
165-5053-04 HFGreen #44 bulb heavy filament$0.70
165-5053-05Blue #44 bulb$0.50
165-5053-06Yellow #44 bulb$0.50
165-5054-04Green #555 bulb$0.50
165-5054-05Blue #555 bulb$0.50
165-5054-06Yellow #555 bulb$0.50
165-5100-00LED, NLA, see 165-5052-00$3.50
180-5010-00Microswitch, ramp, outhole, 2 1/4 actuator$3.00
180-5010-01Microswitch, 1 5/8 actuator$5.00
180-5011-00Outhole switch, hook blade  $3.00
180-5024-00Switch, coin door, Monopoly  $20.00
180-5027-00Switch, eject hole$3.00
180-5048-01Leaf switch, flipper$12.00
180-5054-00Switch, molded slingshot$4.00
180-5057-00Microswitch, ramp & scoop high form$9.00
180-5069-00Microswitch, ball shootback$3.00
180-5100-01Microswitch, shooter$9.00
180-5111-00Switch, JP, shift down$9.00
180-5116-01Microswitch, VUK or scoop$12.00
180-5124-01Switch, EOS, retro$8.00
180-5149-00Switch, power, EOS$3.00
180-5157-00Switch, shooter$7.00
180-5158-00Switch, drop target$7.00
180-5160-00Switch, flipper, see 500-6889-01$10.00
180-5190-28Playboy micro switch$6.00
231-5001-01Leg bolt$0.85
237-5024-02-00Machine screw 4-40 X 5/16 Pfhd Uc$0.90
237-5837-00Machine screw 4-40 X 1/2 Pan$1.50
237-5976-04Machine screw 6-32 X 5/8 HWH$8.00
237-5985-00Flipper coil stop screws$0.50
237-5988-0010-32 X 3/8 TRUSS screw$0.50
237-6000-00Machine screw$0.50
237-6151-00Screw 4-40 X 5/16 TDK$0.50
237-6173-058 X 1/2 T20 Tamp globe #8$0.50
237-6197-00Screw 4-40 X 3/16 PFH U/C 18-8 SS$0.50
240-5000-00Acorn cap nut, white$0.50
240-5324-00Toggle bolt$0.60
246-5002-00Lock washer$0.50
254-5008-17F-F 6-32 X 1 1/8 metal post AP$1.25
254-5035-00Spacer 2-7/16' x 1/8" OD$0.60
265-5003-00Drop target spring$0.70
265-5029-02Flipper return spring$5.50
265-5035-00Flipper return spring$0.80
266-5001-04Shooter rod spring, green$2.25
266-5010-00Barrel spring, shooter rod$4.00
266-5047-00Turbo bumper coil spring$0.50
269-5002-00Washer, spring 3/4 OS 1/2 IS$0.50
500-5017-00Leg leveler 3" with nut$3.00
500-5026-32Flipper button, red$1.50
500-5168-00Ball guide loop MNF$10.00
500-5157-00Ball guide, left outlane POTO$3.00
500-5232-02Target, switch assy, red flat square$14.00
500-5329-03Pivot bracket, playfield$7.00
500-6056-03Service switch assy 3 button$20.00
500-6121-06Auto launch button, Yel/rd/large$11.00
500-6138-01Target assy, narrow, clear  $30.00
500-6138-02Target assy, narrow, red$10.00
500-6138-02RTgt assy, narrow, red$14.00
500-6138-04Tgt assy, narrow, green$21.00
500-6139-02Target assy, square, red$14.00
500-6139-11Tgt assy, square, flo-green$14.00
500-6210-00DT reset bracket, SB #98$6.00
500-6227-02Switch assy, P/F R/O-RT light force, replaced by -04$15.00
500-6227-04Switch assy, rollover RT  $15.00
500-6228-02Tgt assy, rect mod S/U Red$15.00
500-6408-67HD kit, SB #113$24.00
500-6815-00Bubble level assy$10.00
500-6889-01Switch assy, new flip cab SB 156$10.00
502-5008-00Trough bds (520-5124-00, 520-5125-00)$36.00
511-5183-00Plunger/link assy Rev A  $10.00
515-5000-02Plunger (rep -00 & -01)$30.00
515-5011-00Bracket/coil stop assy$14.00
515-5052-01Replaced by 515-5822-00$11.00
515-0173-00Dual-opto Trans assy + grommets/spacers$10.00
515-0174-00Dual-opto Rec assy + grommets/spacers$11.00
515-5085-00Rod/ring assy, turbo bumper$10.00
515-5124-08See 515-5966-08$8.00
515-5124-18See 515-5966-08$8.00
515-5133-01Flipper bat, now 515-5133-08-06$4.00
515-5133-08-06Flipper bat, white$4.00
515-5162-08White square tgt/switch assy$6.00
515-5248-01Right ball guide wall POTO$2.00
515-5248-02Left ball guide wall POTO$2.00
515-5338-00Plunger and link assembly$10.00
515-5346-00DE flipper coil stop (prev 515-5086)$11.00
515-5553-00Spinner assy Rev D$7.00
515-5822-00Plunger/link JP flipper$11.00
515-5939-00-00Turbo bumper bracket$5.00
515-5941-01Replaced by 515-7309-01$18.00
515-5941-02Bell armature plunger SP?$22.00
515-5966-08Tgt & switch, white round  $12.00
515-6304-01Flipper plunger/link$5.00
515-6305-00Flipper pawl$6.00
515-6305-01Flipper pawl$6.00
515-6308-01Flipper coil stop$6.50
515-6469-00Exit switch, sub assy$8.00
515-6518-00Sega flipper pawl/link/plunger sub assy$20.00
515-6518-01Sega flipper pawl/link/plunger sub assy$20.00
515-7088-00Spinner, narrow$9.00
515-7088-01Spinner, plain LOTR$25.00
515-7165-02Scoop weldment RCT$81.00
515-7257-00Flip switch actuator RT$7.00
515-7257-01Flip switch actuator LT$7.00
515-7309-01Steel & nylon plunger assy$18.00
515-7698-EXRight ramp fix kit TDK$12.00
530-5012-02Metal post 6-32 top/6-32 bottom$1.00
530-5139-01Metal bushing, flipper link$4.00
530-5285-00Spacer, mini playfield support$4.00
530-5308-02Spacer, brass opto PCB tube$0.50
530-5332-00Post, hex bumper, replaces 530-5057-01$3.50
530-5332-01Post, hex bumper (TF female) Rev A$6.00
530-5621-00Post, adj. sliding 8-32$3.00
535-0235-001 Way gate wire$6.00
535-5029-00Plumb bob/wing screw$9.00
535-5203-01Replaced by 535-5203-03$1.50
535-5203-02Replaced by 535-5203-03$1.50
535-5203-03Bracket, coil support$1.50
535-5319-00Replaced by 535-5319-02$3.00
535-5319-02Wire hook, plumb bob$3.00
535-5375-02OBSOLETE Rt brkt mirror POTO$6.00
535-7346-00Metal yoke (replaces 535-5072-00)$0.90
535-7394-00Plate, leg bolt, cabinet$6.00
535-7697-00Autoplunger fulcrum$15.00
535-8684-00Bracket, spinner, narrow$9.00
535-9111-00Steel monorail, TSPP$8.00
535-9112-00Bracket, skateboard ramp, TSPP$14.00
545-5011-01see 550-5036-01$0.80
545-5012-05see 550-5035-05$1.30
545-5048-01Drop target, white plastic$3.00
545-5068-00Replaced by 545-5192-00$5.00
545-5070-00Bushing, flip, 1/4" ID, white$1.00
545-5084-00Red cap EOS actuator$0.70
545-5105-00Grommet, black rubber$0.50
545-5158-00Mounting plate, scenery POTO$8.00
545-5192-00Bushing, small flipper$5.00
545-5197-00Bumper body, small white$1.00
545-5207-22Red mini flipper rubber$1.25
545-5276-00Shooter tip, black, also 5027-00, -02$2.00
545-5308-00Post sleeve, black$0.80
545-5308-08White sleeve, Monopoly$0.80
545-5348-20Rubber ring, black, 2 3/4"$1.20
545-5388-00Flipper coil sleeve$0.50
545-5428-00Bumper rubber/plug 1" diameter$0.90
545-5533-01Drop target, white R/O$4.00
545-5594-00Flipper bushing$2.00
545-5609-00Fiber yoke (replaces 545-5120-00)  $1.00
545-5610-01Spoon switch actuator$0.60
545-6028-24Sleeve, 24MM$0.70
545-6162-00Drop Target, R/O Black  $3.00
545-6278-00Slide frame$6.00
545-6305-08Drop target R/O white taper back  $5.00
545-6502-00Clear plastic washer .19" x .63" x .03"$0.50
550-5030-01Mini Mars, snap in, clear$1.70
550-5035-05Hood, blue, single sided$1.30
550-5036-01Hood, clear, double sided$0.80
550-5059-00Post, black plastic, Rev B$1.80
626-5057-00Rubber bumper, blue$2.00
626-5069-00Foam pad .6 X .4 X .25 target$0.50
777-0001-00Allen wrench, backbox$5.00
780-5002-00Secret Service factory manual$12.00
780-5018-00Tales from the Crypt factory manual$15.00
780-5027-00Last Action Hero factory manual$15.00
780-5028-00Tommy factory manual$15.00
780-5029-00Guns N' Roses factory manual$20.00
780-5031-00Maverick factory manual$15.00
780-5035-00Viper Night Drivin' factory manual$42.00
780-5038-00Batman Forever factory manual$25.00
780-5042-00Goldeneye factory manual$35.00
780-5043-00Space Jam factory manual$31.00
780-5035-00Independence Day factory manual$20.00
780-5053-00Lost World Jurassic Park factory manual$36.00
780-5056-00Star Wars 20th factory manual$25.00
780-5059-00Starship Troopers factory manual$25.00
780-5075-01Monopoly pinball factory manual  $55.00
780-5077-00Simpsons Pinball Party factory manual  $50.00
780-5078-00Roller Coaster Tycoon factory manual$52.00
780-5079-00Terminator 3 factory manual$45.00
780-5080-00Lord of the Rings factory manual$55.00
780-5081-00Ripley's Believe It or Not factory manual  $56.00
780-5082-00Monopoly redemption factory manual$28.00
780-5084-00Elvis factory manual$36.00
780-5088-00World Poker Tour factory manual$36.00
780-5093-00Family Guy factory manual  $45.00
780-5094-00Spider-Man factory manual  $47.00
780-5098-00Wheel of Fortune factory manual$40.00
780-50A5-00Batman factory manual$45.00
780-50A4-00Indiana Jones factory manual$40.00
780-50A5-00Shrek factory manual$40.00
820-6244-XXSouth Park decal set$92.00
830-5271-00South Park (Sega) translite$100.00
830-5277-00Simpsons Pinball Party translite$100.00

MNF refers to Monday Night Football
POTO refers to Phantom Of The Opera
SP refers to South Park
HD refers to Harley Davidson
TSPP refers to The Simpsons Pinball Party
RCT refers to Roller Coaster Tycoon
LOTR refers to Lord Of The Rings
POTC refers to Pirates of the Caribbean
TDK refers to Batman The Dark Knight

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