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$2 EACH !!

For the first second THIRD time FAO is having a flyer sale! All flyers on this page are just $2 each! The dollar figure in the last column represents the regular price on each item, but each one is $2 for this sale. The top half of the page is a paste of the last sale items from the sale in April of 2007, there are some newer Stern titles added. The video game flyers are the biggest difference this time around, please select from the lists following the website flyer grid. Flyers are a neat way of adding to your pinball "collection". Collect flyers of the games you have, or games you wish you had, or just collect them all! Flyers can be displayed any number of ways, in a binder in clear report covers, in folders, or framed and placed on the walls of your gameroom. Should you wish to display your flyers this way you might want to consider getting two of the same game, so you can show both the front and the back at the same time in the same frame.

Most flyers are 8 1/2" by 11", although there are some weirder shapes and sizes at times, some are fold out versions that measure 11" by 17" Flyers will be shipped domestically via priority mail in a box so the postal service personnel can't mangle them too badly. Minimum charge on that will be $7 unless the order totals over $100 in which case insurance will be added. International shipping to be determined on a case by case basis.

Some of these flyers are in short supply, although I have over 7000 flyers in stock, some are down to just a few, or even one left in stock, usually as a "display" copy taken to shows. These flyers are originals, no reprints or copies. Some flyers may have distributor stamps, folds, slight creases, and even handwritten dates on them. All orders will have the "best" flyer chosen out of those that are available, but at these prices even a less than "mint" flyer will be a bargain. Should a flyer be of questionable status I will of course contact you with details so you can advise as to whether to include it in your order.

All these flyers will remain up on the regular flyer pages, here. You may also want to include some flyers in your order not listed as part of this sale, at their regular prices. Such flyers are not included in the $2 sale based on several factors, such as scarcity, or quantity on hand, or age, etc.

You can click on the email link below to start your order, orders will be filled in the order received. You can paste the game name in the body of the email, or just list the game titles you wish to purchase. I should have shipping and payment information for most of my regular customers on file, I take paypal, checks and money orders. Colorado tax will be charged for in state orders. Limit four of any one flyer, no sales to dealers or resellers please.

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Game NameManufacturerYearTypeRegular price
AltairUNITED67Shuffle Alley$7
Amazing MazeMIDWAY76Video$4
Apollo 13SEGA95Pinball$5
Apollo 14CHICAGO COIN70Arcade$4
AristocratWILLIAMS*Shuffle Alley$6
Austin PowersSTERN02Pinball$4
Bad CatsWILLIAMS89Pinball$5
Batman ForeverSEGA95Pinball$4
Bell RingerGOTTLIEB*Redemption$3
Big HousePREMIER89Pinball$5
Big HurtPREMIER95Pinball$5
Black RoseBALLY92Pinball$4
Boot HillMIDWAY*Video$4
Bowling AlleyMIDWAY78Cktail video$4
Bowling AlleyMIDWAY78Video$4
Bride of PinbotWILLIAMS91Pinball$5
Bugs Bunny Birthday BallBALLY90Pinball$5
Bull's EyeMIDWAY*Wall Game$3
Cactus Jack'sPREMIER91Pinball$4
Class of 1812PREMIER91Pinball$5
ClownsMIDWAY78Cktail video$4
CobraMIDWAY67Shuffle Alley$7
CoronadoUNITED67Shuffle Alley$6
Cue-starFISCHER*Bumper Pool$3
Dart ChampMIDWAY*Wall Game$4
Deadly WeaponPREMIER90Pinball$4
Deluxe BaseballMIDWAY62Pitch & bat$5
Desert GunMIDWAY75Video$4
Dirty HarryWILLIAMS95Pinball$5
Doctor WhoBALLY92Pinball$5
Double PlayMIDWAY*Video$4
Dr. DudeBALLY90Pinball$5
Duck HuntMIDWAY*Video$4
Dune BuggyMIDWAY72Arcade$4
18 WheelerMIDWAY79Arcade$4
EncoreWILLIAMS66Shuffle Alley$7
Family GuySTERN06Pinball$4
Flash BaseballMIDWAY68Pitch&Bat$4
Game ShowBALLY90Pinball$5
GangbustersMIDWAY74Gun game$5
Gilligan's IslandBALLY91Pinball$5
Golden CueSEGA98Pinball$5
Golden EyeSEGA95Pinball$4
Golden TriangleUNITED73Shuffle Alley$5
Golf ChampMIDWAY72Wall game$4
Grand PrixSTERN05Pinball$4
GraniteWILLIAMS74Shuffle Alley$5
Guided missleMIDWAY77Video$4
Gun fightMIDWAY75Video$5
Harley DavidsonBALLY91Pinball$5
Harley DavidsonSTERN99Pinball$4
Harley Davidson 2nd EditionSTERN02Pinball$4
Hot ShotWILLIAMS91Basketball$2
Hot ShotsPREMIER89Pinball$4
Indianapolis 500BALLY95Pinball$5
Jet RiderMIDWAY*Video$4
Johnny MnemonicWILLIAMS95Pinball$4
Lights, Camera, ActionPREMIER89Pinball$4
Lord of the RingsSTERN04Pinball$4
Mario AndrettiPREMIER96Pinball$6
MaskDATA EAST94Rolldown$2
MaverickDATA EAST94Pinball$5
MedalistCHICAGO COIN66Shuffle Alley$7
Midnite RacerMIDWAY*Video$4
Midway asst videosMIDWAY79Video$4
Mousin' AroundBALLY89Pinball$5
NBA Fast BreakBALLY97Pinball$4
No FearWILLIAMS95Pinball$4
No Man's LandGOTTLIEB80Video$4
Operation ThunderPREMIER92Pinball$5
Panzer AttackMIDWAY74Arcade$4
Phantom IIMIDWAY79Video$4
Pinball 2000WILLIAMS98Pinball$4
Police ForceWILLIAMS89Pinball$5
Pool SharksBALLY90Pinball$4
Rescue 911PREMIER94Pinball$4
Ripley's Believe It or Not!STERN04Pinball$4
Riverboat GamblerWILLIAMS90Pinball$5
Road RunnerMIDWAY*Gun game$4
Roller Coaster TycoonSTERN02Pinball$4
Rotation VIII (postcard)MIDWAY78Pinball (sit down)$6
Royal HawaiianWILLIAMS74Shuffle Alley$5
Royal Rumble WWFDATA EAST94Pinball$4
Sea RaiderMIDWAY*Arcade$5
Sea WolfMIDWAY76Video$5
Sharkey's ShootoutSTERN00Pinball$4
Shaq AttackPREMIER94Pinball$4
Shuffle InnWILLIAMS89Shuffle Alley$3
Silver SluggerPREMIER90Pinball$4
Simpsons Pinball PartySTERN03Pinball$4
SlugfestWILLIAMS91Pitch & Bat$5
South ParkSEGA98Pinball$3
Space InvadersMIDWAY78Video$4
SportsmanMIDWAY*Gun game$4
Star Wars: Episode 1WILLIAMS99Pinball 2000$5
Star Wars TrilogySEGA97Pinball$5
Strike MasterWILLIAMS91Shuffle Alley$5
Strikes n' SparesGOTTLIEB95Pinball/Bowler$7
Stunt PilotMIDWAY*Arcade$4
Super Speed RaceMIDWAY85Pinball$6
Table-tennisMIDWAY72Wall game$3
Target Gallery two playerMIDWAY62Pitch & Bat$4
Tee'd OffPREMIER93Pinball$5
Top GunMIDWAY75Gun game$4
TV BasketballMIDWAY74Video$4
TV FlipperMIDWAY*Video$5
Wacky GatorDATA EAST94Arcade$4
Wheel of FortuneSTERN07Pinball$4
Winner IVMIDWAY73Video$2
World Challenge SoccerPREMIER94Pinball$4
World Poker TourSTERN06Pinball$4
X FilesSEGA97Pinball$4

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