We have schematics for pinball games and some other coin-op games as well. Trying to diagnose your game without a schematic is like trying to find a needle in a haystack - you might be able to do it, given enough time, but not easily.

Most older games don't have a manual, so the schematic is often the only source of game adjustment information as well.

Our staff will probably quit if we make them inventory all the file cabinets (where do you think we store thousands of schematics?), so please ask for the specific games you are looking for.

Most Schematics for EM and early solid state games - $10.00

Hundreds in stock - please contact us for price and availability

Pinball schematics

  • Motor switch positions
  • Operator notes
  • Circuit information
  • Coils and relays
  • ... and more

Information designed to help you enjoy and maintain your game

Schematic excerpt

This page last updated: March 5, 2003

Schematic segments used for illustrative purposes only. Not all titles are available as original. Reprint documents are laser or blueprint-quality copies.