We have manuals for hundreds of pinball games (all eras, most manufacturers). If your game is made by Bally, Williams, Stern, Sega, Premier, Chicago Coin, Genco or Gottlieb, we probably have the manual for it!

Some of the more recent WMS game titles are shown below and represent only a small sampling of our inventory. New Stern factory manuals are available as well, please see the Stern parts page.

Monster Bash manual Factory Original Manuals Star Wars: Episode 1 manual

Factory Original Manuals - $25.00

NBA Fastbreak

Other manuals - pricing varies

Hundreds in stock - please contact us for price and availability

If you've got the game, the manual is essential!

  • Game setup
  • Feature adjustments
  • Parts information
  • ... and much more

Information designed to help you enjoy and maintain your game

Example pinball manual page

last updated: February 18th, 2013

Manual covers used for illustrative purposes only. Not all titles are available as original. Non-original manuals are factory reprints or high-quality copies.